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Our Local review website script allows you to instantly start a review site in your town or even your country!
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Local Review Website Script

Are you looking for a professional review website script?  Well stop looking because you have found the best quality review script online.

You could have our review script installed on your server and begin running your own community/local based review website.



New Version 2.9 Features

2.9 Release Notes:

MeePlace V2.9
1. New – New Language Pack: Spanish (es-bo)
2. New – Able to switch off multi-language feature and set a fixed language.
3. New – Able to set a language as default when the language of visitor’s browser cannot be recognized.
4. New – Token available for user login.
5. New – Sales & Special Offers
6. New – Visual uploader for uploading pictures for business
7. New – Friend request. Now visitors can see a user’s basic info without login or without being friends. “Add as friend” need to be approved.
8. New – “Top reviewers” and “New users list”
9. New – Category SEO
10. New – City auto-suggest for header search.
11. New – Business owner can apply StarBiz from business detail page.
12. New – Allow a user to attach a photo with his classified.
13. New – Related Business for Event: Allow a user to pick a related business to fill address when making a event.
14. New – Special Offers: Business owner can post special offers for their business.
15. New – When creating a category user can enter keywords and description.
16. New – Regular Hours and Custom Hours for business hours.
17. Update – On business thumbnails, now it’s clickable and directed to business detail or category.
18. Update – Admin Notification for Contact us feedback
19. Update – Have cities and states to be set alphabetical.
20. Update – Non logged in pop up for visitor tried to review an event.
21. Update – Event translated.
22. Update – Member search updated.
23. Update – Changed the name ‘Deals’ to ‘Classified’.
24. Update – Text button instead of image button.
25. Update – Compatible with PHP 5.3+.
26. Update – Fixed No-Business error when adding business caused by special character in some environments.
27. New – Categories are now alphabetical

- And More!

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